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The last piece of exercise equipment you will ever have to buy.

XLR8 Full body workout in only 4 minutes a day

The best 4 minute full range of motion exercise machine for HIT, HIIT, Strength, Power, Cardio, Flexibility, and tabata training.

Full Motion Fitness, Inc. has designed the perfect exercise machine to fit any corporate fitness program, wellness program, Commercial or home gym.


There are several reasons why the XLR8 is superior to other exercise equipment.


Treadmills , Cross trainers, Elipticals, Rom Machines  Stair Climbers, and most other fitness equipment only work out a very small amount of muscle groups through a limited range of motion.


The XLR8 ROM Machine works multiple muscle groups through a full range of motion with constant resistance on one machine.


1. You will get a full body work out in only 4 minutes a day.


    The number one reason people don't exercise is TIME!


2. Only one piece of equipment is required for a complete Strength, Flexibility, Power, Cardio, and Range of Motion work out.


3. The XLR8 only requires a 4 ft. by 9 ft. space. 


4.  You will be able to track your results on an ipod touch fitness computer in real - time.  You will also be able to track long term fitness goals while storing your results to the cloud.


5. The XLR8 can be used at any fitness level from beginner to pro athlete.


6. There is no electricity required.


7. No need for multiple pieces of equipment. 


8. Lose fat weight, not muscle weight, unlike steady state exercise.


9. Your metabolism will be super-charged for up to 24 hours after using the XLR8.


10. A life time warranty is included.


11. Train your whole body in a correct, effective, and efficient manor. NO TRAINER NEEDED!


12. Increased productivity


13. Reduced absenteeism


14. Improved employee decision-making and creativity


15. Higher morale


16. Lower disability claims and health care costs


17. Attract and retain top-notch employees


18. Weight reduction


19. Improved physical fitness


20. Increased stamina


21.Decreased levels of stress


22. Increased well-being, self-image, and self-esteem


23. Enhanced recruitment and retention of healthy employees


24. Reduced healthcare costs


25. Decreased rates of illness and injuries


26. No impact

Full Motion Fitness,Inc



Proudly Manufactured by Full Motion Fitness, Inc

made in USA


The XLR8 ROM Machine has the longest warranty in the industry. You'll also have technical support for as long as you own it. 7 days a week.


Complete workout in only 4 Minutes a day

Ease of Use

No trainers

No learning curve

No time constraints

No impact

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